Safety Policies


Vegreville Alliance Church is committed to creating safe places for people to hear the message of Jesus. This includes safe spaces for children, youth, and vulnerable people. We recognize that we reflect God’s love for those in our care

 and take our responsibility to them seriously. We view ourselves as partners with parents, seeking to provide quality care and instruction in our ministry to the family.

Vegreville Alliance Church is committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth and maintains a zero-tolerance policy for abuse, harassment, or neglect. All staff and volunteers who teach, care for, have access to, or have positions of trust with children, youth, and/or vulnerable persons within Vegreville Alliance Church must follow strict guidelines and procedures defined in our safety policy. Every activity involves some risk, but our safety policy is designed to prioritize the safety of children and volunteers to make all programs and activities as safe as reasonably possible.


We continue to practice good health hygiene to ensure our facility and ministries are safe. Our facility is cleaned weekly, especially in high-touch areas. We have hand sanitizer stations at our entrance and encourage everyone to use them when they arrive.


The Alliance Canada is committed to creating and ensuring safe environments for worship, witness, and work free from sexual misconduct and will not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and child abuse by its licensed workers (non-licensed) employees, contract workers, or volunteers in service to or with The Alliance Canada, its churches, congregations, districts, institutions, agencies, organizations, or other bodies that operate under its name.
Complaints of sexual misconduct will be taken seriously and investigated with integrity and fairness promptly and with concern for the wellbeing of complainants and other involved parties.